Jacob Hyer

Caldwell, ID


I have been passionate about waterfowl hunting for the past 20 years as I grew up on upland game bird farm in Idaho, My father would take my 5 younger brothers and myself hunting on our own private blind on the Snake River. After I left home I contained to follow my passion for waterfowl hunting and found myself Pro-Staffing for several companies and started to get into collecting duck and goose calls, this passion turned into an obsession to try to make a better bird call. In 2008 I officially started selling calls to the public. My wife has been very supportive of my passion for call making and with our 3 daughters we all join in to help make the business successful. When not making calls or chasing birds you can find me on the river bowfishing thru the summer months. 

Brogen Porterfield

Echo, Oregon


As Owner/Operator of Rio Ridge Outfitters, Brogen has been a professional guide for over 12 years. He currently guides over 200 days a year between upland, big game and fishing. In the off season you can find Brogen maintaining habitat, booking hunts out of Horseshoe Curve Hunt Club or professionally training pointers, retrievers and hounds.

Nick Robben

Robertsville, Missouri


Career firefighter/paramedic

In 2010 I discovered waterfowl hunting. I loved everything about the sport. Starting with dove in the fall to spring snows we put countless miles on our trucks, meat in the freezer and memories that last a lifetime. From the chase, the concealment, the calling, getting the spread just right and then changing it an hour later. You become a winter weather expert studying cold fronts, saving Iowa weather alerts on your phone, and paying way more attention to wind direction then most people would even care to. A lot of people complain about winter but there we are waiting for the ponds to freeze forcing the ducks to your field! I hunt primarily in Missouri for ducks and geese. I hunt pit blinds in flooded rice feilds but nothing beats the flooded timber! My passion for business and marketing continues with Dekes Waterfowl. I love to being part of a growing brand. Our teamwork and openness to ideas is unfounded in many industries. As partnership director I aim to bring on like minded companies with products our staff backs 100% and will promote to other hunters. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Nick Robben

(314) 422-8382

Drake Field Expert
Dekes Waterfowl Pro-staff