Steve Avlia


Stanfield, Oregon

I’m an avid outdoorsman from Eastern Oregon. I grew up hunting ducks, geese and turkey. I spend the majority of my time on the Columbia river, if it’s not waterfowl it’s chasing bass in my kayak. I also enjoy upland hunting and I'm really looking forward to getting back into elk and deer hunting with my bow. To me it’s not about that harvest or catch, it’s about the countless hours spent in the blind or on the river with friends and family. I truly enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge with our youth hunters and huntress', and learning from seasoned outdoorsmen. Over my 20 years of being in the outdoors sharing memories and experiences with great friends and family,  I quickly realized at a young age that waterfowl hunting was my true passion and obsession. I live and breathe waterfowl hunting!

Jordan Hitz


Pilot Rock, Oregon

Aluminum Welder 

I’m 23 years old and have been duck hunting ever since I could hold a shotgun. I hunt a lot of public lands such as wildlife refuges, public walk in areas as well as private lands. When not actually hunting ducks, I spend my time on the taxidermy side of things. I mounted my first duck when I was ten and have probably mounted 100 plus ducks and geese since then. Waterfowl season is what I live for!

G.K. Young


Conway, North Carolina

My name is GK young, former professional baseball

player for the Padres and a part of the 2016 National Championship team of Costal Carolina!!

I am part owner of Hero Adventures. We are a guide company out of Kansas/Oklahoma. I am a avid hunter before starting this company I traveled the waterfowl season hunting as far from myrtle beach SC to Washington state!!!

Mark Kendall


Pacific, Missouri

I am a full time firefighter/paramedic, father of two young children and husband to a very supportive wife. When the time allows I take the opportunity to pursue my love for the outdoors. I primarily chase waterfowl in Missouri on public land. I have two black labs, Deke and Jax, who beg for the opportunity to join me. In the warm months I can be found casting flies at any species that will take them. Recently my favorite fish to catch has been bluegill on a Barbie rod with my 3 year old daughter! I look forward to many more moments in the outdoors with my kids as they get older. Outside of hunting and work I love to cook and I am always trying something new in the smoker or on the grill. Dekes Waterfowl is my first and only pro staff position and I am grateful for the opportunity to join them in this venture!

Brian ellithorpe


I am an obsessed waterfowl hunter and bass fisherman from Oregon, Ohio. My career is an electrical and mechanical engineer for industrial steam generation. I grew up in the woods, and have evolved into an avid outdoorsman. Waterfowl is my passion, I love watching big honkers fall from the sky and clouds of Bufflehead blazing across Lake Erie. Layout hunting is my favorite kind of hunting, but I hunt rivers, lakeside, fields and public marshes as well. I create content on YouTube and Instagram as Ellithorpe Adventures, which includes various kinds of hunting and fishing outings.

Caleb Brown


Kennewick, Washington

I am 20 years old, and have been duck hunting since my dad bought me my first shotgun when I was 10. Big game archery hunting, bass fishing and waterfowl have always been my passions. I manage a local archery department and I love the technical aspects of hunting and fishing. Conservation and giving hunters the best name possible is always my goal when I'm in the field. In this way we give this generation and the next as much of a chance to become passionate about the same sports we are.

Andy Glass


I’m 27 years old and I guide for Migration X outfitters out of North Dakota and Praire Sky in South Dakota. Born and raised in central Pennsylvania.

Collin Shaw


Fowlerville, Michigan

I am an avid outdoorsman. I started hunting when i was a kid- been hooked ever since. Waterfowl is my passion, but in the off season it’s bowfishing. I have been a guide for 5 years, from the Saginaw Bay hunting divers to Arkansas and Missouri chasing snows. 

Samantha Fifield


Millington, Michigan

I  am an avid huntress. I grew up in the outdoors hunting and fishing. I took up a love for waterfowl hunting about 5 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I have a passion for hunting with my bow, my gun, and my camera and I spend majority of my time capturing the unseen moments behind my lenses when I’m not on the hunt myself. It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am. 

Wyatt Morris


Adams, Oregon

I am 19 years old and have been hunting all my life. I have been a big game guide for the past 5 years. My dad taught me the basic of hunting and from there I learned most of what I know from getting out there and learning from experience. Hunting is all I know and will always be in my blood. 

Justin Priest


Kennewick, Washington

I was born and raised in the Columbia Basin and have been hunting the Columbia River, backwaters, ponds, and slews since I was 10 years old. I was brought into this game by my father and he has always taught me to to respectful to every part of the outdoors wether its the people hunting along side me or the game we pursue. I had an accident a couple years back that almost cost my life while duck hunting and I now have an all new appreciation for every moment I am out chasing birds, deer, or fish. I do my best every chance I can to either bring new people into an outdoor sport or teach my 4 children how important it is to be the best hunter or huntress you can be, and to respect all animals that we are going after. And to always remember its not always about limiting out or filling a tag its the memories you make while with friends and family. I was taught a long time ago "It's called hunting not killing. If it were killing it would be too easy." Be repectful and good luck out there.

Austin Purser


Monroe, North Carolina

I am 20 years old, I attend Mars Hill University to study Criminal Justice while playing baseball. I love hunting, shooting, and fishing. I have been around hunting since I was four to five years old. 

Career- Farming and United States Army 

I most of the time stick my hunts to local locations as in my family farm, I have traveled to Eastern North Carolina (Lake Mattamuskeet) to waterfowl hunts and having one of the most successful hunts. I hope you all have a blessed day and hunts. Good luck this season!

Wesley Vaughan


Owner VPC Lanyards

North Carolina 

I’m a 41 year old father of 2 boys, Full time Fire Lieutenant near Raleigh, North Carolina. I love the outdoors and conservation. I’ve been an avid Waterfowlerz as long as I can remember. This has been a huge part to the success of my Paracord Product business. I strive to make better, more affordable products for the average person. Both of my sons have hunted with me from a young age. The time and memories I share with them will never be replaced or shadowed by any trophies!  I look forward to the opportunities upcoming from this company.

Chris Boswell


Vici, Oklahoma 

I originally grew up in So Cal  Born and raised, Most of my life was spent Marketing in the Action Sports Industry. I moved Oklahoma in 2011 with my wife and children and found Waterfowl Hunting was something i enjoyed, I started Fowled Ambition Outfitters Est’14 so I can give an opportunity to take others and let them enjoy the well kept secret of Oklahoma’s Waterfowling to big spins of Canada’s to huge wads of greenhead’s.

Ross Adams


Paragould, Arkansas 

24 year old from Northeast Arkansas just trying to live the best life possible with my soon to be bride Sydney. Goose season is what I live for. Speck hunting in Arkansas is like no other! From the setup/preparation, to concealment, to the shot.. I LIVE FOR IT. Been in the waterfowl fields since I can remember. I have a passion for conservation and sportsmanship. There is nothing better than God’s country on a brisk winter morning with my buddies! It’s my way of life.

Branden Loehr


Sandy, Oregon

I am 21 years old and was born and raised in Oregon. Outside of operating equipment, I am in the woods much as possible hunting or fishing. Waterfowl hunting got my attention at a young age and it is what live for every year. Hunting is in my blood and I look forward to use my skill to help educate and inspire. 

Erik Stewart


Pendleton, OR

I am 22 years old. I grew up running around the back country of eastern oregon and have held a gun in my hand since I could walk. I'm the only one of my family to pick up waterfowl hunting thanks to some friends of mine and now I'm hooked for life. I like to start my early season by hitting the marshes and then as it freezes I venture out to big water on the Columbia river. When I'm not waterfowl hunting you'll catch me spring turkey hunting, participating in summer bowfishing tournaments and fall archery hunting. To me it's not all about the kill. Its about the memories shared and teaching the next generation how to not only respect wildlife but to have fun, be respectful and courteous to others in the field.

Jessy Blessing


Irrigon, Oregon
Full time John Deere mechanic. 

I’m a avid outdoorsman I spend my summers on the Columbia chasing small mouth and walleye. Fall I’m chasing elk with my bow and my winters are spent in the duck blind. I live to hunt and it will always be something that is apart of me.

Taylor Bretches


Louisburg, Kansas

25 years old from Kansas City area. Waterfowl hunted all my life. We hunt mostly corn fields and sandy bottoms for mallards and Canada geese.  Got my degree from Kansas state university in park management and conservation. I hunt for the experiences and enjoy taking others for their first time. There’s just something about cold weather and watching the world wake up. It’s in my blood and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Devon Jones


Weatherford, Texas

I’m 22 years old, I am a senior at Texas Tech University studying Conservation Law Enforcement. I am an avid outdoorsman, spending whatever time I can hunting and fishing. I currently guide Sandhill Crane for Red Eye Outfitters, out of Lubbock, Texas. I look to get people interested in the outdoors and share my love for it. It’s hard to catch me without a gun or a camera, doing what I love.

Amy and Ray Yost


Vancouver, Washington

Ray and I have been married for 27 years and have two children ages 19 and 24.

Ray grew up in Adrian, Oregon on his family’s farm where he enjoyed deer, waterfowl, upland game and fishing. I grew up in Vancouver, Washington. Hunting and fishing was not in my immediate family but heavily in my great aunts and uncles, you could say hunting was definitely in my blood!

Ray introduced me to my first duck hunt. Then quickly upland game. I love it ALL and was hooked! As the years have gone by we’ve been able to do a variety of hunting and fishing.

We also enjoy bear, turkey, deer and elk hunting. Let’s not forget about fishing! My favorite is bass. Our love for the outdoor adventure keeps us gong year round. Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest offers many opportunities from the ocean to the mountains to fulfill our hunting passions. 

We LOVE to tent camp and spend about 9 months solid in a tent. If we aren’t in the mountains or on the river chasing our passions, we’re in a tent in our backyard. We’d rather be in the fresh air than inside a house.

We enjoy giving back so by being part of the Dekes family we can increase our reach of giving back not only locally but nationally.

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